Who is in charge?


From: Nancy P. Dunbar


Over the past several months there have been concerns expressed relative to the Winona Area Public Schools Board about communications, control, and a variety of other issues. It occurs to me that one way that our superintendent has exhibited control is by virtue of the seat he occupies at school board meetings. During the tenure of at least the previous two superintendents, they were seated at the end of the row of board members - not beside the president of the board as Mr. Durand does! It is important to remember that the school board employs the superintendent, not vice versa. Therefore, at school board meetings the board members should occupy seats ahead of the superintendent. Previous to this superintendent's arrival, at school board meetings the seven board members sat in a semicircle arrangement at the tables (as they do now), followed by the superintendent, the financial officer, and the director of human relations. The latter three people are there in positions of support for the board. Does the current seating arrangement not smack of control? I hope with the arrival of the three new members on the board that there is a plan to once again have the board take their rightful position of leadership in this school district.


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