Remembering you Dad, Milton Ellinghuysen on Christmas


Dear Dad,

Another year is almost gone

winter is here

and days for spring and summer

we long

I can remember when I wished days

go fast

but now I wish for them to last

And often I think how lucky I’d be

If those precious moments

weren’t just memories

The love of Christmas the joy in

our hearts

the gathering of family played

a very special part

Things have changed Dad

and they’re not the same

ever since you went away

People are in such a hurry and

forgetting the most important things

Instead of remembering God

they are in to their own thing

everyone wants more and more

and I’d give anything just for you

to walk through the door

You taught me well how to survive

when you have little and your

heart aches inside

and not for things as a new car or

top of the line

but for those little things that

your heart holds inside

We’re all to blame for what’s

wrong in this world

So guilt is on all of us not just

one man or girl

Every day in newspapers you read

sad things that are going on

because of greed

So Dad as much as my heart

longs and misses you

I’m asking you to say a prayer in

heaven or two

and on Christmas Eve as you watch

from above

all of us at home will

be sending you our love...

Love you Dad and Merry Christmas

I miss you so...

Your Bonnie


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