Please return my scooter


From: Ed Daley

Someone removed my Rally electric scooter from the Phillips parking lot, back of the train station, on Tuesday, between six p.m. and midnight. It is blue with three wheels. It is my only means of transportation.

I’ve had both of my knees fully replaced. Being eighty years old, I need it for getting food, going to church, the bank, the post office, doctor and dental appointments, the library, etc. Yes, I use it all winter long.

Now that you realize it was not a good idea, please let me know where it can be picked up. I have the key in my pocket. A new scooter costs over two thousand dollars, money I don’t have as I live on Social Security only.

Please help us both to have a Merry Christmas. I will press no charges. Ed Daley, phone 453- 9239 Valley View Tower.


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