Where is the common sense?


From: Paul Ibisch

Are you upset with our state government and the people currently in control? Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes has been making her way around the district wringing her hands and expecting us to fix the problems. A year ago Sharon, along with the DFL, was telling us how companies didn’t “pay their fair share.” They were going to make employers (including farmers) pay the tax increases needed for some of their outrageous spending proposals. The changes to “Green Acres” were part of the package.

Why can’t our government get deals done to give incentive for good companies to stay in Minnesota? Most people don’t mind paying taxes as long as they have good jobs, good schools and services. The more we earn, the better the state finances will be. Without jobs and with cuts to schools and services, how can the DFL expect us to bailout the state with higher taxes?

Even though Gov. Pawlenty has promised protect K-12 public education and not raise taxes, Sen. Ropes isn’t going to work with the governor. Sen. Ropes is telling school districts to plan for 5, 10 and 15% cuts because the DFL Senate caucus, even in the face of record deficits, is planning for major government expansion (sweeping healthcare changes). Senate Democrats are committed to putting everything on the cutting board including education and work for higher taxes. Doesn’t that sound like a recipe for further economic disaster and even depression?

Where is the common sense? There are ways to get employers to stay. A government run program is not the way to bring healthcare costs under control. There are ways to make funding of education more equitable for school districts outside of the metro area. Use the resources we have wisely, and we wouldn’t have so many problems to fix.


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