Happy New Year!


H is for happy we e’re should be; some looking forward to new branch on family tree.

A is for always abundantly blessed; food, clothing, yes, well dressed

P is for plenty across this land; God blessing the labors of our hands.

People are generous to those in need, think of their plight, the message heed.

Yuletide carols rang out all over the land; in churches, on radio. Oh! Wasn’t it grand?

New Year, 2009, is here; fill it with cheer.

Each day, every month, let it last through the year.

Weary from weather? Enjoy those you hold dear.

You are blessed to live in this country so great

Encourage one another, celebrate!

An “old” year wanes, another one dawns

Read each beginning letter above, my message to you, try not to yawn!

Maxine Aldinger


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