T’ai Chi


From: Brice Wilkinson

Professor Emeritus

Winona State University

This letter is an invitation to anyone who wants to earn a certificate that will qualify you to teach Chi Gong and T’ai Chi. With baby boomers becoming seniors, there will be a great need of competent teachers for the foremost preventive medicine system available, T’ai Chi. This form constitutes a daily self-administered acupuncture system.

My wife and I are university professors who have been playing T’ai Chi daily for 30 years. We support the claims of 350,000,000 Chinese and others that T’ai Chi keeps them well and living longer.

We lack certified teachers to fill this need. My wife, Bahieh and I have decided to offer an independent study, four-year program that would be the equivalent of several years of college. After learning the Cheng man-Ching short form, students join in a three-year apprenticeship. They agree to play daily T’ai Chi and help ten beginners learn this form. They also learn a Chi Gong form and the 24 movement, shorter Tiger form, culminating with Yang Lu Chan’s long form. Their final assignment is to start a program in a school, juvenile center, athletic team, hospital, nursing home, business, state prison, senior centers, churches, etc. At the completion of the certified instruction program, the student will receive a certificate of graduation as a Yang Style T’ai Chi instructor. This includes Chi Gong, Ni Kong and Wing Chun. A study of T’ai Chi literature and three years of daily T’ai Chi play, culminating in a successful internship teaching a class of beginners. Each instructor will help ten persons learn the Yang Style short form developed by Cheng man- Ching.

Buddha said love what you do and you will never work a day of your life. Brice, 74, teaches twelve hours of T’ai Chi a week, at the YMCA, at the Yoga Center and hospital. Bahieh teaches at our local university and senior center. This is not work because of our love for T’ai Chi. Cost of the certification, four-year program, is under $1,000.00. This apprenticeship program will expand your consciousness as you pursue this warrior path to power. Although this path is seldom crowded, if you decide to join in this journey seeking perfection, come and enroll at the Winona, Chi Gong, T’ai Chi Center. Email address bwilkinson@winona.edu, telephone 507-454-6987, 34359 Old Homer Road, Winona, MN 55987.

Dr. Brice J. Wilkinson

Instructor of the year

Martial Art Hall of Fame 2001

Professor Emeritus, Winona State University

8 Degree Black Belt Judo


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