Seniors say thanks


From: Rose Osburn

This is in regard to the Chore Service for Seniors, which as you are aware has been cut from the funding. I speak for all seniors.

The people who have volunteered to help the seniors range from college students, young men studying for the priesthood, family men, all with busy schedules of their own, who have taken there precious free time to help us seniors with shoveling snow and mowing in summer.

Sometimes their precious time was 5 a.m. in freezing cold, and sometimes late, 7 or 8 p.m., the only free time they have.

There have been some negative responses to the cutting of funds but the seniors look at it more positively.

I think it’s been a lesson to be learned by all. There’s only one thing we’re here for, to love one another and care for each other. This is just a small area of love and giving, but many have helped their neighbors throughout floods and disasters all over the nation.

Red Cross, Salvation Army, firemen, hospitals, nurses, doctors, etc. will give of their time in a disaster without thought of gain.

So we seniors wish to thank all of these volunteers in our area and know we are grateful. Many blessings to them all.


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