Husband’s record of the painter Potvin


(A Yes Big Yes)

Posy Pot was born up North on the Iron

Range where all the dumps were rust

colored. Posy named them “high reds,”

called them “my first love” then went on

to loving her (64 crayon box colors) and so on and on...

She loved pink and salmon, lavender and thistle

Even city dumps, even plum, magenta, melon,

lemon yellow, peach and goldenrod

the color of the fireflies at moonrise.


sea green-green, olive green, green blue,

A colored face denied approval, midnight,

Black bittersweet, raw umber, brown. Even

cousin Ron’s face at the breaking point. Yes,

Indian red, copper, silver, gold, pure grey

“all colors in her dreams” blue-blue violet,

All the boxcar colors going to Texas City

All the steel gondolas carrying iron (red) ore

back to where her art was born. Yes...

She also loved avocados, burgers, onions

spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, bacon,

and eleven kinds of cheese.

She also loved to swish her teabags while she ate.

Bare-footed, she loved to feel the cracks...

In fact any kind of cracked of man.

In fact she said I love your taste,

I love your color but most of all because

You remind me of my first love “red.” Yes, Yes,

Yes! But most of all I love your cracks!

Earl Potvin


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