From: John Rupkey


Two months ago I respectfully suggested that the teachers at St. Mary’s University break their silence on the topic of gay love “by issuing a public statement that will either affirm their acceptance of the self-hate theology of Pope Benedict - which claims God believes the love gay people have for each other is disordered - or will offer something more enlightened for Winona’s Catholics and all the people of God.”

Here are some suggestions for opening paragraphs the teachers might want to consider as they prepare their responses:

We teach what the pope in Rome tells us to teach. He is infallible on moral issues, so if his God is homophobic, so is ours. It has been like this since the Dark Ages, and we can’t change, because we are Roman Catholics.

Many of us disagree with Pope Benedict on this issue, but in these difficult economic times we can’t risk losing our jobs. So we just go along, sometimes with a wink and a nod.

The Catholic bishops have written that the homosexual inclination is disordered because “it is an inclination that predisposes one toward what is truly not good for the human person.” So we teach that it is truly not good for gay people to love each other. They should keep quiet, out of sight, inside their closets, suppressing their feelings of love for each other, and live a celibate life like the bishops do.

We are an American university. For us it is self-evident that God creates gay and nongay people equal. Since the love that nongay people have for each other is sacred, we teach that the love gay people have for each other is also sacred.

Human understanding has evolved to the point where we accept certain moral norms as objective absolutes. One of the most basic of these moral absolutes is the understanding that it is evil to teach a teenager to hate himself. Therefore we have rejected Pope Benedict’s self-hate theology for gay people, and we encourage the gay St. Mary’s students to accept, love, and celebrate who they are.


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