No pay raise


From: Paul A. Beseler

Ettrick, Wis.

As a candidate for the 91st Assembly, I had advocated a 10% pay cut for state representatives in view of the pending shortfall of the state budget. Leadership by example I thought. Some of the state’s 60,000 employees are looking to be laid off while others will take pay cuts. Retired state employees are looking at reduced retirement checks. This will mean reduced services for us, the taxpayers, and at the same time increase so-called user fees and undoubtedly raise taxes even more. We should all be asking why then is the State Legislature receiving a pay raise? Their job is actually a part-time position for which they receive just shy of fifty thousand dollars per year plus almost a hundred dollars each day spent in Madison and a very nice health care package. A person in the private sector working a like number of hours at a median wage would be lucky to gross twelve thousand dollars per year with no health care!

It will be interesting to see if representatives will do the right thing and introduce the legislation to repeal this absurd pay raise in the face of current economic hardships. They could go one further and add the ten percent pay cut to that legislation which would still allow them a salary of $42,415, not bad for a part-time job if you ask me. That would, with the State Assembly alone, save $741,415.00, enough to do quite a bit of good elsewhere.

Please contact your state representatives and tell them no to the pay raise.


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