What happened January 10, 2008?


From: Phyllis Frisch

Altura, Minn.

The Oak Ridge Immaculate Conception Church built in 1876 stands today, stained windows removed, one exterior wall of brick on the ground.

One year ago a group of people entered the church to remove the sacred items, as they claimed might be stolen or damaged or whatever?

In the past the doors of this church would be opened during the day and locked at night by Joe Koetter and others before him. Following his passing, the doors were opened only on days services were held there including June 30, 2007. That is 132 years. During those years never once did damage or theft occur. January 11, 2008, as people looked through the glass doors, all statues, stations were gone, as well as the entrance mat we all stamped our feet on in winter and grass clippings away in summer, the antique music storage cabinet, the organ bench (but not the organ) and the altar was flipped on its side.

Finally in April I used the key in my possession which I had used for over 20 years to open the door to practice the music for services. The hymnals are in the pews still today.

I don’t understand what happened here. I snooped. The altar cloths are in the drawers, but the banner used for the 100-year celebration - gone. The baptism font is present. OK! Grant the “committee” their concern for the sacred items but the manner they were removed along with the others - I don’t get.

Can anyone help me along with the parishioners left here on Oak Ridge understand?

No wonder one year later we are all in wonder - what happened?


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