Who wants to be Santa Claus?


From: Marilynn Parker

Trempealeau, WI

The letter "Yes, there is a Santa!" from Pete and Sharon Logan, moved me to respond with a poem:

Face it - we all love Santa Claus,

but every Christmas, somebody

puts him down -

reminds us that "Christ is the center

of Christmas!"

Once I saw a picture of the baby Jesus

held in His mother's arms

dressed in a red suit trimmed in white.

That was a shock!

Made a lot of people mad.

Not me.

The Lord Jesus is the living Child -

the heart of Christmas.

Everything else is just swaddling clothes.

A Santa suit reminds me of

undemanding love -

anonymous giving.

Let's all

go dressed in red

Sneak down

sooty chimneys

And leave presents

for someone

who'll never know




And, to the thanks of the Logans, I add "Thank you, whoever you are, for showing the spirit of love - may your tribe increase!"


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