Vikings 7- Panthers 26


Twas the Sunday before Christmas and what a sight

The Vikes getting beat in this game at night

Our offensive line was a lot to blame

We lost bad and that’s a shame

Our defense was on the field way too long

This time we can’t sing a victory song

Favre didn’t have time to do much at all

Hardly had time to throw the football

What the Vikes were doing, I don’t know

But they sure didn’t put on a very good show

It was a sight for sore eyes, plain as can be

The Vikes lose bad and we’re not happy

The Panthers stuffed us, outplayed us, used backups and


Third stringers, backup quarterback, they made the call

We clinched the NFC North, that’s the only good news

The Vikes and their fans are singing the blues

Merry Christmas!

Bernie Mayzek


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