GAMC ending


From: Jay Youmans

Rochester, Minn.

Governor Pawlenty will be eliminating GAMC (General Assistance Medical Coverage) beginning in March of 2010. On December 7, I attended a meeting in Winona during which representatives of various agencies (Catholic Charities, law enforcement, community hospital, etc.) informed Representatives Steve Drazkowski, 26 B, and Gene Pelowski, 31A, of how their services to the needy would be negatively impacted by the cut.

During the evening both representatives were asked if they were supportive of GAMC being eliminated, which would result in essential medical services to needy people being denied. Representative Pelowski said he was very concerned about the cuts and certainly did not support the governor’s initiative. Representative Drazkowski refused to answer the question and would not express concern for the denial of medical care.

Representative Drazkowski seemed more concerned about the “hundreds of jobs that have left Minnesota because of our tax structure.” He was asked to provide documentation supporting his statement and he said there was a list of those companies. (Dr. Tom Stinson, Minnesota State Economist, indicated he is not aware of such a list.) The following day Representative Drazkowski sent me the names of three companies, one of which (Heat-N-Glo of Lake City), was thinking of leaving the state. A city council member in Lake City indicated that Representative Drazkowski was present at a meeting during which members were told that Heat-N-Glo was expanding in Lake City and adding 70-80 workers to the business.

In my opinion, citizens in District 26B have a right to be confused and concerned about how they are being represented at the Legislature.


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