Want a Santa visit?


From: Rocky Rohn

A boy who is two years old has a type of cerebral palsy. His name is Blake Erdmann. He will probably never be able to walk or talk. He’s a local boy. I introduced myself to his mother and told her that I can raise some money by playing Santa Claus with the help of the general public, through donations.

Throughout Blake’s life he’ll be confined to a wheelchair, never be able to go for a walk, play baseball, or anything a normal child or adult can do. I saw a flier on this little boy at work. A sad and heartfelt story.

Also, a man named Robert Griffin is in a wheelchair. He’s 41. I believe Robert got a staph infection and now is paralyzed from the waist down. I also do not know him or his family. A coworker approached me and I told her I can help a little bit through donations too.

By having you, the general public, calling me at this number - 454-5874 - you can touch the hearts of these two strangers and their families by having Santa Claus visit you and your families for a donation. You can show that you care and the unfortunate hearts these families are experiencing.

Every penny raised goes to these families. I donate my time and gas. Please help. Thank you and God bless.


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