What’s next?


From: Dean F. Nuszloch

Utica, Minn.

It was with some amusement that I read that two local Democrats were fighting over the endorsement of Big Union (AFSCME Council 5). Big Union endorses the challenger Debbie White over the incumbent Gene Pelowski. Big Union did not endorse incumbent Gene Pelowski because he did not vote to increase taxes twice (2) to balance the state’s bloated runaway budget and was the only Democrat to do so. This in itself is a miracle and a oxymoron. Since the Democrat motto is “For every problem there is a tax.” But not to worry, Mr. Pelowski only voted no because he knew that the Republican governor would veto the tax increase anyway. So Democrats need not worry. Then Debbie White stated that she would have voted for the state tax hike which would have been a better alternative to what happens next - property tax increases. I realize that I am not a smart man, but as a taxpayer of the state of Minnesota and Winona County, which to the best of my knowledge is still in the state of Minnesota, what the heck is the difference? The only difference is, do I make the check out to the state of Minnesota and send it to St. Paul or do I make the check out to Susanne Rivers, County Treasurer, and send it to Winona?

A tax is a tax is a tax. The trouble with socialism is that after you spend everyone else’s money, then what do you do?


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