A wake-up-call


From: Lorraine Redig

Hugh Miller, the hell you described so vividly is a wake-up-call signaling that competition against everyone isn’t the answer to this economic and moral crisis.

We inherited this divisive dog-eat-dog competition that excludes love of God and neighbor from the public arena. Discrimination leaves some producers without life’s necessities. Everyone has to coexist with the poverty, crime, crippling debt, abortions, inflation, and the wars that result from our unsustainable, unregulated, cruel, cutthroat competition.

It’s time to go back to the direction book.

The “American Dream”, to become a nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all is a dream of a world where the Golden Rule guides our actions.

God is Love. God wants us to be untiring promoters of a society based on love, justice and peace. Love calls us to reject divisive, discriminatory politics and to cooperate for the common good. Love, the power to make it happen is waiting for us.

The reason for that temporary, strong, job-producing economy after WWII you mentioned was a period of parity farm policy that temporarily based our national economy on new wealth instead of on debt. Farmers, and others who produced new wealth temporarily received the consumer buying power that businesses needed to prosper so good jobs were created. Without new wealth, there would be no food, clothing, or shelter, no economy.

When the WWII debt was paid, they went back to this competitive debt-based economy that doesn’t have enough love and respect for life to hold it together.

It collapsed again because it allows “supply and demand” buyers to buy raw farm production wherever they can get it cheapest, underpaying producers. That short-circuits the entire economy.

That “price-depressing surplus” magically becomes “inventory” in private enterprise. That discriminatory competition, along with bottomless greed produced this debt-multiplying recession.

The Golden Rule calls for all jobs to be “good jobs”. The self-interest of each of us is tied to the common good of all.

The power is in the people. Let’s work together to base our economy on new wealth again, and we will all be winners.


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