The Pinches who steal more than Christmas


From: Paul Ibisch

Have you heard about Pinches (a combination of Politician and Grinch)? While the Grinch of the Christmas story took possessions to make others unhappy, Pinches do it to get re-elected. By giving taxpayer money to more voters than they take from, Pinches believe they will always be re-elected.

For example, they targeted businesses and farms for tax increases claiming that these “rich people” weren’t “giving their fair share.” The result is that Minnesota has the fourth highest corporate tax rate in the world. Businesses and farmers pay their taxes, but are drained of resources needed to maintain and improve their products as well as create more jobs. With higher costs and without good paying jobs more people become dependent on Pinches’ give- away programs.

Pinches borrow money from foreign countries. They are confident that they will retire from office with pensions before anyone realizes they have mortgaged our country’s future. Even Pinches like Howard Dean don’t believe they can produce a good health care reform bill, but it will produce a new source of tax money to be given to grateful voters.

Budget spending by Pinches on the state level exceeds our budget by an estimated 6-7 billion dollars. This year’s bonding will borrow from future revenues too. When they can’t spend money, Pinches create economically harmful mandates for businesses. 3M and Mayo Clinic who have been targets will expand in other states before considering building in Minnesota. North and South Dakota’s business boom can thank local Pinches for their efforts.

What can be done? Term limits would be helpful, but it is unlikely that Pinches would enact the legislation. The other option is to limit terms at the ballot box. Politicians who grow government and load businesses with mandates should be removed from office no matter what party they represent. We need to improve the business climate by lowering taxes, encouraging private sector job growth, and living within our means.

We are in a pinch now, but we know what we need for a happy and prosperous New Year.


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