Vikes 44 - Giants 7


Good win, good plays, and really good news

The Vikes win big, and the Giants lose

We ended up being the number two seed

Let’s hope in the playoffs, Peterson has his good speed

Favre did so well, four touchdown passes he had

All in less than three quarters, that’s not bad

We get an extra week off, a bye first round

That’s great news now, how does that sound?

112 yards passed and two TDs caught by Rice

Shiancoe 94 yards and a score, really nice

A touchdown by Peterson and Tahi had one too

That makes five touchdowns, Tahi’s first one too

Harvin and Berrian and Taylor did well

Our offense and defense played like they should

And Jared Allen’s fumble recovery after his sack

There was nothing the Vikings didn’t lack

Longwell had three field goals to add to the score

We’re off to the playoffs, who could ask for more

Favre’s best year ever, he played this season

We’re in the playoffs, he’s part of the reason

Bernie Mayzek


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