Community donations


From: Donald Doerr Sr.

We need to congratulate the citizens of Winona and the surrounding communities for donating to the various food shelves through both food and cash. Most of these naive people have no realization of the far-reaching good that they do.

While it is true that most of this food and money never reaches the people who really need it but are too proud to ask, those who do receive it, we are told, put the donations to good use.

The majority of the recipients, those who refuse to work and criminal illegal aliens, are already on food stamps, welfare, and heat assistance, along with free medical care. But many of these people do not have adequate access to the marijuana, alcohol, and other substances that contribute to a truly merry (if somwhat spaced-out and foggy) Christmas!

Gratefully, they are able to trade their excess food for this marijuana, alcohol, other substances, and even cash. Thus most of the food goes to those who already have more than they need.

What is truly wonderful, however, is that those who donate have no idea or knowledge of this underground culture; thus their charity is truly blessed by God Who looks into the heart and not the brain. So Merry Christmas to everyone!


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