Christmas thanks


From: KC Saxon

My mind was scattered with thoughts of my upcoming day. It had snowed a couple of days prior and the banks of snow along my driveway where high. With a jolt I lost all thoughts and my focus came to rest upon the fact that I was stuck, in the snow, at the end of my drive.

Racing the engine of my little car it quickly became apparent that I needed a shovel. It was cold and the air bit at my face as I raced to the garage for tools. I had my sitting pretty gloves and scarf on. You know the kind that look cute but are pretty much useless to the real elements. Jumping back into the car, hoping enough snow had been removed to rock the car, I heard a knock at my window. It was my neighbor John.

“Did you try to go through that?” John asked with a grin. I didn’t even know it was there, I replied in self defense. The snow plow had been by leaving the once plowed driveway full of snow.

Then John proceeded to help me out of the snow and on my way to work. It only took a minute with his able help and I was truly grateful I have neighbors like him and his family.

At this Christmas time of year I would like to give a shout out to all of those who give their neighbors a hand. Thank you all with an abundance of appreciation. You just made our lives a little sweeter and a whole lot easier. And a special thanks to John Berlin-Burns, my neighbor.


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