Christmas Is Near


I love fudge and divinity and cookies of all shapes

but have to be careful for figure's sake.

Eating too much and forgetting to exercise

will cause scale to groan, it's simply not wise.

In the name of Christmas we indulge in excess

of food and drink and suffer stomach distress.

Remember the reason we celebrate?

Jesus was born! Isn't it great?

The Babe of Bethlehem meek and lowly

born in a stable, do you know the story?

Search out a place and read it or hear it

you'll thrill anew, He'll feel so near.

It's the Christmas story, full of cheer

tell it to everyone you hold dear

One day He'll return to this earth you see

not as a babe, but in majesty.

He'll come in clouds, a trumpet will sound

through the hills and valleys, how it will resound!

Soon now, Christmas Day will be here

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Maxine Aldinger


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