No speeding ticket quotas


From: Sgt. Jacalyn Sticha

Minnesota State Patrol

Q: I have just gotten another speeding ticket and I know it is so the officer can meet his quota. Why do officers have quotas?

A. First ask yourself, and be honest, were you speeding? If the answer is YES, and I am sure it is, we don’t need to talk about your citation any longer — pay it and learn. Speed is one of the top causes for crashes. Speed is force; the force damages our tissues killing and injuring us. Last year 420 people were killed and 32,000 injured on Minnesota roadways. So if you were speeding and you got a ticket you had it coming, not to mention, speeding tickets save lives — lots of lives. So the lesson here is, do not deflect responsibility with a quota myth; MSS169.985 Traffic Citation Quota Prohibited. A law enforcement agency may not order, mandate, require or suggest to a peace officer a quota for the issuance of traffic citations…on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. []

One last suggestion for people having a hard time slowing down, ditch the radar detector. When an officer sees a radar detector in your car he/she knows you have purchased something to assist you in breaking the law and increase the danger to everyone on the road. The majority of people who have used radar detectors end up with longer records because they speed more because of the false sense of security it provides. I have spoken with many who eventually realized, likely when losing their driving privileges for a time, this is no game. The only way to change their course is to stop speeding, just that simple.


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