Outdoor decorations taken


Twas days before Christmas

And all thru our yard

Shining lights were glistening

For all to enjoy near and far.

The shrubs were covered

With their blankets of lights

A tall Christmas tree

Illuminated the night.

Lighted presents were placed under the tree

For all our friends and neighbors to see.

A lighted little reindeer stood by its side

Guarding it all with holiday pride.

Then all of a sudden...

On a cold winter’s night...

Our little reindeer and a present

Disappeared out of sight.

How does one explain

To the child who helped put them there

Someone had taken

That which wasn’t theirs.

You teach them about caring and sharing

This time of year,

To love and to be loved

Because from the heart you truly care.

Christmas is over

You’ve enjoyed what wasn’t yours,

Please return to its home

Over on West Fourth.

If anyone has seen or knows of someone who might have these items, have them do the right thing and return them.

Al Mulyck


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