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Top Devil Dog Hiawatha Valley Marines

In Generosity Unbound, author Claire Guadiana sets forth the history and justification for philanthropy in the United States. Whether one focuses on education, science, technology or assisting people, philanthropy has been a leader thanks to the likes of an Andrew Carnegie or today Bill and Melinda Gates.

Winona is blessed to have a large number of fellow citizens engaged in philanthropy on behalf of Winona Health, the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, the Morrie Miller Foundation, the Winona County Historical Society, Winona Volunteer Services and such festivals as Beethoven and Shakespeare. In addition, philanthropy is assisted by the Winona Community Foundation (WCF).

Thanks to the assistance of the Winona Community Foundation, organizations such as the Hiawatha Valley Marines (HVM) are given professional support in the administration and financing of the organization. The WCF assistance allows nonprofit organizations like the HVM to focus their time and energy on community efforts such as the Veterans Memorial Park and Toys for Tots.

Yes, Winona is most fortunate to have so many individuals and organizations involved in philanthropy for the common good of the citizens here and beyond.

Semper Fidelis


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