‘A Stunner’- Vikes 24 - Eagles 14


It was a great game, what a show

Our quarterback looked good, his name is Joe

He threw real well and ran with the ball

He played a great game, Eagles did fall

Peterson with over 100 yards, that’s great

We sacked Michael Vick many times, didn’t wait

Harvin, Shiancoe, Berrian and Rice

Played great ball, that sure was nice

Winfield did best, with a TD from the fumble

That would make for the Eagles to mumble

Tahi, Booker, Jared and Greenway too

did so good, but that’s nothing new

Our defense was super, I credit them all

We have a good coach, he knows football

So one game to go, think Favre will play?

I hope he will, that would make my day

Bernie Mayzek


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