1,982-word letter


From: Waziyatawin, Ph.D.

As many people have been following your postings regarding my presentation at Winona State University on November 8, 2010, I would like to refer your readers to my response which is now available in a variety of forums including the December 15, 2010 issue of the Native Sun and these two online sites:



For the record, readers should note that citing space considerations, the Winona Post refused to print my response to the many false allegations made regarding my presentation (though, obviously, space is not an issue for their online edition). Nonetheless, this has not stopped the Post from printing nearly 4,000 words to date criticizing my presentation, all based on the unsubstantiated claims of one disgruntled white man (out of 263 people at the presentation)—so much for balanced journalism! All I can say is that when the white folks rally, thank goodness for independent media.

Ed, Note: On December 3, 2010, I sent this response to Dr. Wilson (Waziyatawin): “…As to your letter. At 1,982 words, it is beyond the length we are able to accommodate. If it could be edited, to say about 500 - 700 words, we would be glad to run it in our opinion section.”

And as long as we are counting, the Post has run 1,591 words in letters of support for Dr. Wilson — all the letters we received except for Dr. Wilson’s. We cannot accommodate letters that take up half of a broadsheet page.

We will soon have an audio of Dr. Wilson’s WSU speech available on our website for those interested in listening for themselves.


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