Happy New Year! A question


From: T.M. Schoewe

We are all saying it to one another and if you tuned into Times Square New York on the 31st of this week you heard at midnight shouts and screams of Happy New Year! What do we mean when we say it? We have a year, we cannot get another new year. And what do we mean by happy? The the dictionary gives six basic meanings. It says happy is from the French language meaning fortunate, prosperous appropriate,

blessed and lucky and the feeling one has after a good drink!

TO USE THE WORD YEAR is really to talk about TIME. And time is a great gift that comes along with creation. In that ancient book it is introduced as a day and connected with light which is also connected with the sun, moon and stars. The gift of time comes in days and seasons which we have divided into years. So we often speak of the “days of our years”.

In that first year a couple of creatures, you know their names, made a tremendous mistake! It affected them and upset all of nature, which still groans to this day. AND THEIR OFFSPRING continue to misuse time, and have made a mess with their use of time over and against their neighbors and each other in the same house. They forget to take care of their world and keep on telling one another they don’t have time when it comes to helping others in need. Yet they have more time than anything else. We are all guilty of wasting time and not loving either the Giver of it or our neighbor, who is anyone in need.

If you look into the first book in the new book of the old book, you will find that after 46 generations the great Maker of creation and Giver of time, HIMSELF CAME INTO TIME . HE came “unto us,” was born for us, lived for us, died for us and came out of death for us. All this HE did in time for us! SO WHAT ?

So we can say Happy New Year with these four verses of an old poem:

Of all the years the last, will soon be past.

Years of loss, disappointments, of trouble, of joy, of sickness, of goodness, and finally death and the world.

So each day, we must God obey.

That is what the Creator did when He came into time. He did it for us! So our mistakes in time are erased. And we can try each day in 2011 to love our God and our neighbors as ourselves.

No brighter year, did yet appear

This verse is a real gem. When the Word came into flesh in time He was called “Jesus.” In Hebrew it is “Joshua,” which means “Leader;” and with that name we are pardoned for all our mistakes in time, past, present and future! How we need that! And nothing can befall us in 2011 but that which will turn out for our good. AND IF IT IS OUR LAST YEAR, it will be the best, for we will sit down with all those that come from the East and West in the Kingdom of heaven.

“Our God doth now see, all that shall be.” Just think about this: a former “tax collector” writes, “the Word was named ‘Jesus,’” which was what the angel told His stepfather Joseph before He was born. Another wonderful gem for 2011. What a lesson! What a comfort! His eye rests on us to see the best for us ‘til we sit down in the halls of heaven with that WORD who made us and time.

SO SING FOR THE NEW YEAR! Of all the years the last, will soon be past

Each day, our God we must obey

No brighter year, did yet appear

Our God doth see, all that shall be.

The Maker of time may be rapping on the door of your heart. TO LET HIM IN is to have a Happy New Year! Really!


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