Christmas is God with us


From: T.M. Schoewe

Christmas is not just a holiday. We have made it so. It is not just a thing to get us in our home, exchanging gifts, enjoying a special meal or even observing a certain day by going to church. All of the above is not to be despised, but it is not Christmas.

Christmas is found in the gospel and especially in just a couple of words. “Unto you” ”this day”

“a Savior.” Christmas is a festival which celebrates those words, which are not only true today, but everyday you believe you have a Savior in Christ the Lord. Do you need a Savior? We declare in our own independence “all men are created equal” and given certain rights by the Creator of mankind. The Creator has also given us a conscience. If we have not hardened our heart, our conscience will tell us when our thoughts, words, and deeds have not been in harmony with why we were created. The creation word for that which is “out of harmony,” is sin. The word for that in Greek means “missing the mark.” That same word says for missing the mark, “the soul that sins shall die.” So do we need a Savior? Do we ever! This gets to the heart of what we call “Christmas.”

The God who came to us at Christmas comes to us in every nook and corner of our lives. He was born like us, slept like us, ate like us, and learned like us. He belongs to our whole life. In days of joy feeding the thousands on the mountain side and fishing in Lake Galilee. In routine work like us, when He was in a carpenter’s shop; with shepherds and wise men, and royalty, with murderous Herod whose knife killed hundreds of children. He knows the tragedies of life, for He was born to suffer and die like all of us. But He did it for us, for the world! And He could do that because He was not only human like us but He was the Son of God, who would be born, live, and die for a world of rebels. At His cross, the justice and mercy of God kiss one another as He cried out “It is finished.”

So salvation is an accomplished fact, and it covers every nook and corner of our lives. And for that we should be grateful. It is done. It is not something in the future about which to be concerned but something that has already been accomplished for us all. And in that vain, we should remember to be thankful each day and allow our gratitude to shape our thoughts, words and deeds so as to give credit to our Creator. This is most certainly true every day you believe the Christmas announcement “unto to you is born this day a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”


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