Christmas at the

Zimmerman house

From: Mary Zimmerman


Well I had my article all written for this week but circumstances in my life changed, which prompted me to change lanes. The one I had written had some rather harsh tones to it. It was on the effects and danger of smoking and I'll definitely submit it to the Winona Post very soon in hopes people will amend their lifestyles and diminish their chances for lung cancer.

I have something else to report for now. What grandma wouldn't want to share with the world when she has a new grandchild...yes, Conner Duane Zimmerman is now officially a big brother. Our son, Don, and his wife, Heather, are the very proud parents of a baby son, Eli James. That makes us, Jim and Mary, the proud grandparents. Now we number 12 grand and 12 great. Well we think they are all great. We even have some prospects for a lot more. Gee, we'd better pray we hold out for awhile yet.

I don't know how Eli will eventually feel about being born on Christmas. Our family considered it a very special present - from God.

I had so faithfully and earnestly prayed every day for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. After I received the news that Heather (and Don of course) were on their way to the hospital, I tried to as calmly as possible put the finishing touches on the Christmas dinner. Then as everyone began to eat I quietly retreated into my bedroom and prayed one more time for all to go well. This is a very special day for Jesus as it's His birthday too. Jesus loves everyone very much but He must have a bit of a special feeling for those who share His birthday.

There must be a very festive mood in heaven on Christmas Day. I'd guess the angels were rejoicing for Jesus' birthday but Eli's as well. Actually we have quite a family choir in heaven (our parents, a lot of my brothers and several of our children), they must have been singing Joy To The World Eli is born, let us in heaven and earth rejoice. Our oldest son, Gene, said to Don, you sure pick important days to have your children. Conner was born on Gene's birthday (he's now 2) and now Eli James on Jesus' birthday.

Along with all the excitement, we had a great Christmas as well. Went to 8:30 a.m. Mass, that was a bit of heaven itself. Father Jim has a way of making it so, besides the Christmas music and all.

I had tried ever since Thanksgiving to prepare for a house full of people. I had prepared eating space for 32 people, 21 showed up. About 2 p.m. we had another special guest, Santa Claus himself. What a pleasant surprise for everyone, that was a lot of fun. The first thing Santa told me was that he had made a special delivery at the hospital about an hour ago. I said thanks, Santa, but I already know about it, good news travels fast. Santa came with a car. Said he lost his reindeer someplace in the woods. If you see them give Santa a call at the North Pole. I don't really have the number.

Everyone seemed to have other commitments and left early so Jim and I took the opportunity to go and meet our new grandson. He is so precious and cute. He's already captured many hearts, most especially his parents. He wrapped his little hand around his dad's big finger.

I think his big brother Conner is just trying to figure it all out. I'm sure once they get better acquainted they'll be great buddies. Auntie Lynette and I snuck up the next day after Eli was born, but he kept making faces at us. I'm sure he was just trying to make us laugh.

Once again another Christmas rolled up into eternity with a new year just around the corner. I hope you all had a great blessed Christmas. We surely did at the Zimmerman house. See you next year. Happy New Year.


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