A toast of Christmas cheer


The seasons do change as each year passes on,

Leaves fall to the earth and our autumn is gone.

The air holds a chill as a “Norther” is blowing,

Clouds are dark gray as it soon will be snowing.

Lights bedeck trees; carols and laughter is heard,

And there is nary a hint of a discouraging word.

Children overwhelmed with endless anticipation,

As Santa and elves yearn a much needed vacation.

Shoppers are in search of that e’er perfect surprise,

While children await the Christmas morn to arise.

Tis a time of new beginnings and time of tradition,

Tis a time of creativity and one of much intuition.

We give gifts to our loved ones and those in great need.

And fill baskets with food for their families to feed.

Differences become trite; joy and happiness abounds,

As the air is afilled with the merriest of sounds

Families and friends gather in being or in thought;

Warmth, laughter and fellowship are part of this plot.

Giving thanks for our blessings, raise a toast to our past

Christmas is not a tale of the riches we’ve amassed.

But a bouquet of the love and warmth that we give,

For the camaraderie we share and the life that we live.

And so to you, my friends, I am offering this toast:

My our holiday be blest and next year be the MOST.

Jack Krage


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