From: Rich Mikrut

In response to James Johnson’s letter to the editor on 12/19/12 titled “Respect Goes Both Ways”. I feel the city and county leaders have gone above and beyond the extra mile to address the citizen’s concers on the frac sand industry. The industry leaders have bent over backwards trying to comply with the wishes of the protest movements and they have been put in a discriminative position in comparison with other similar industries. Mr. Johnson talks about respect in his letter which puzzles me because the only direction I see respect coming from are the businesses that are trying to do the right thing. The businesses have not thrown sand onto the steps of City Hall; carried signs that say in bold words “Texas Go Home”; or use scare tactics or exaggerated information to scare people into thinking that sand is a toxic chemical; nor have they trespassed onto private property blocking entrances to businesses. Respect? Not even close. I think Mr. Johnson should look up the word RESPECT in a dictionary.


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