Peterson’s the Man


Vikes 37 - Packers 34

We’re playoff bound, what can we say

Vikes beat the Pack, hip hip hooray!

The “Purple Rocket,” the greatest of all

The best running back in all of football

Peterson gave us such a thrilling ride

Sure glad he was on the Viking side

This is the kind of poem I like to write

Winning this game on this Sunday night

We beat the Packers thirty-seven to thirty-four

Who could ask for anything more

Adrian Peterson, what a great guy

Rushed for 199 yards, and he did fly

He missed the record by only nine

But we’ll take the win, that’s just fine

He says he’ll get it next year, maybe so

Great playing, great running, way to go

Two touchdowns he had, one in air, one on ground

He gave it his all, the yards he did pound

He’s the best there is, the player of the year

We all know this, knew the record was near

They carried him off the field at the end of the game

He certainly deserves all of this fame

This guy can run like no one can

He’s our champion player, he’s our man

Ponder played good, had many good throws

Walsh with three field goals, through, the ball goes

Our defense was great, we had five sacks

Was really great to beat those Packs

Rudy, Simpson, Jenkins and Wright

Gerhart and Felton, all did things right

It’s great to have this team and to be so proud

Happy New Year to all, cheer, cheer, and be loud

We play them again next weekend sometime

They’ll have home field, but I think we’ll be fine

Rodgers on the ground was fun to see

at least five times, we come away with a Vee

A win from the Packers, and I say this

It was a gift for us and a Merry Christmas

So ho ho ho to the playoffs we go

Winning is great, that we know!

Bernie Mayzek


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