Peace, Hope and Love


From: Mary Zimmerman


Rejoice in the spirit of Christmas, which is Peace, the miracle of Christmas, which is Hope, and the heart of Christmas, which is Love.

I just want to repeat again “our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” There is so much restlessness in today’s world that indicates people aren’t seeking the help from God He wants us to ask and pray for. We must do so with faith, trust and hope. He hears and answers all our prayers in His own timing. We must not grow weary thinking God has abandoned us. He will rescue us from the snares of Satan and bring us into the joys of heaven if faith, hope and love have been our constant companions.

Come on, Christians, let’s dust off our Bibles, untangle our rosaries and seek Our Lord of Mercy. In a world where everyone doesn’t welcome Baby Jesus into their hearts but substitute Santa Claus, we must not deviate from the real meaning of Christmas.

Let’s remember we will all meet up with God someday - alone. We bring no friend or family member with us, it’s just me or you with God. I am trying to prepare myself and hopefully others through my writing for this critical meeting. We must not be without hope in this matter. Hope and trust are closely related. We need to have those as we pray for our physical needs and those of our family, but most especially our spiritual needs. Our bodies die our soul lives on. I know I personally need to pray and trust versus giving in to despair and depression, the latter of which I’m quite familiar with, or used to be. God heard the prayers and cries of my family and friends and came to my rescue.

Love - who of us can exist without it? It’s the ingredient the body and soul thrives on. We condition our feelings to give God love. You do that by seeing God in others. “As long as you did it to the least of my brothers you did it to me.” Advent and Christmas season provide so many opportunities to help and serve those in need.

Faith, hope and love, it’s just such a good combination to put into practice during this special time of Advent. Let’s rejoice in anticipation as we sing out “Come Lord Jesus Come.” Soon we will be meditating on the beautiful words of “Silent Night, Holy Night” and then in jubilation shouting to the world, “Go Tell it on the Mountain, Jesus Christ is Born.”

As this Advent draws to a close, let us ask ourselves these questions: Has my faith grown? Do I hope and trust my prayers will be answered? Do I love God and neighbor as myself? That will make for a joyful, happy, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to follow.


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