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Another surprise


From: T.M. Schoewe

A couple of weeks ago we were surprised to hear about something that was recently completed in Syria of all places. We ended last week’s article telling you about the Cristo Redento inspired statue of Jesus that was just erected and now stands tall there, even though a civil war still rages after two years. What a surprise that was! Today we want to call your attention to another surprise, THE SURPRISE! The SURPRISE of Who is in the manger in Bethlehem, which is where this season of advent is leading us once again.

What is the surprise in the manger? Who was there? Was there an alien in that place where there was “no room in the inn?” The thought of non-human or extra-terrestrial creatures taking on human form, mingling and living amongst us, is a very creepy thought and one which Hollywood has made some scary movies about. There have been some TV series that have done the same with aliens disguised as people. OOFDAH!

Interestingly enough, a kind of variation on this concept or idea is how God set about to rescue us, or we should say, all mankind. He came into our lives because we needed to be rescued from our greatest nightmares, the dreadful fear of death and destruction and the fear of complete and utter damnation! There is, however, one very important difference: God’s plan did not include becoming some fictitious alien that came to live among us to frighten or scare us. Jesus did not come as an android or false human. He is not some alien posing as a human being. He was actually born, just like us. And lived among us, for us and with us! It is an historic fact!

Think about this marvelous surprise! Ponder over this miracle and just what this incarnation of Jesus actually means. Hebrews 2:14 says, “Since the children have flesh and blood He too shared in their humanity.” So He came into this world not merely to be like us. He came to be us in every way, fully in every way. And it was in this way He could bring about our rescue, in person! It was a rescue only He could do! He came to keep and obey all the law of God, and did so as a man. Not only did He do this for one man but for all mankind. This He could do because He was not only a man, but was at the same time God. And He was not only the Son of Man but the Son of God! And so too He was also able take our place and die on the Cross for all people. This He did and rescued us from sin, death, and hell!

That is the GREAT SURPRISE and the GREAT GIFT we find in that manger because there was “no room in the inn!”

So do not get entangled in all the commercialization of this season with all its gift giving and parties, etc…which is really not a Merry Christmas. Do not get lost in all the wrappings, rather rejoice in and over the SURPRISE that was wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in the manger, and take comfort in HIS GIFT of eternal life. That is the way to have a very Merry Christmas!


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