Minimum wage Band-Aid


From: Jamie Stier

Minimim wage is a Band-Aid to cover up the gushing wound of income inequality that is plaguing this nation. If we could count on companies paying liveable wages, it wouldn’t be an issue; however, that is not the world we live in. It is a well known fact that the average American worker has experienced a decline in real median wages. This was accelerated by the 2008 crisis because it gave companies even more leverage to lay off people, cut wages and benefits. As this has been going on, record profits and stock buy backs have been the norm. In addition, the government seems intent on taking away any remaining rights workers have to demand livable wages.

Minimum wage was implemented for exactly the situation we are in today. A period of record corporate profits, gutting of labor bargaining rights and the ever increasing income equality problem. These things, along with poor fed policy of devaluing the dollar have contributed greatly to the point of needing the minimum wage raised.

Perhaps addressing these key issues would provide a fix so minimum wage wouldn’t have to be raised. It is doubtful this will happen, so for right now we keep applying the minimum wage Band-Aid to stem the bleeding of structural problems plaguing the United States.


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