Thank-yous from soldiers in Afghanistan


From: Lions Club member

Mary Singer

I received this thank-you letter from soldiers in Afghanistan to whom we sent care packages after the 2013 USA Support Our Troops. Many, many people from our area help to make this possible so I am sending this out to ALL who contributed. We also gave to Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, which helps returned soldiers from our area. The yellow ribbon organization that we also contribute to helps the families of soldiers. It is SO uplifting to hear from soldiers who are so thankful for what we do for them.

“Dear Mary,

We got your care packages the other day. I want to say thank you very much! We all loved everything within the packages. They excited [us] and [made us] appreciative. We were all amazed by how big the boxes were. I personally love the socks and gloves. My roommate snagged up the cookies. (Apparently they were his favorite kind of cookie. Who knew? Lol, and the orange hard candies! After he and I took what we knew we would use I put the box outside in the common area and it was ransacked within 30 minutes. Lol.)”

Thanks again to ALL who make this effort such a great success! It goes through the Sunset Lions, so ALL contributions are used to help the soldiers and their families.


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