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Traditions can save?


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Are traditions going to save anyone? No. God says that traditions are useless. Matthew 15:3,6-9 God - alone - saves us. Tradition is an abomination to God.

Tradition doesn’t need to be added to our belief in Jesus Christ in order to bring about our assured salvation. God warns us about adding or taking away from His word. Revelation 22:18-19

Tradition can instill in us a false sense of eternal security. We may think that we are on our way to heaven because we have been told (since a very young child) that our belief in some tradition will save us. However, we know from Scripture that tradition is useless.

When babies grow up to adulthood, many of these adults believe that they are going to heaven when they die. Why? Because a tradition was practiced on them when they were babies. Here is one example: Can a baby comprehend the following? (1) That he or she is a sinner (2) That God has a penalty for sin (3) That Jesus Christ paid the penalty for their sin (4) That they must believe in Jesus Christ (5) That they must repent of their sin (6) That they must receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Of course a baby can’t comprehend any of God’s plan of salvation and no one can make this decision for babies. Only they can make this decision when they come of age.

We should understand that tradition will not save a baby or anyone else. The sad thing is that many of us, who have been fed tradition all of our lives, have come to believe that tradition is scriptural truth. In any case, tradition over Scripture is never something that we should rely on. It is a false hope - worthless! We should guard ourselves against all tradition of man and rely absolutely and totally on God and His Word.

Why is tradition becoming more acceptable in our churches? One reason could be because of what some of the world’s preachers have been taught in seminary. Another reason could be that some are wolves in sheep’s clothing and they are purposely deceiving others with tradition because of their hatred of God. Of course the main reason is because most churchgoers don’t read the Word of God. Tradition may be passed on from generation to generation...from professor to student...from preacher to congregation until tradition is accepted as Scripture itself.

If all churchgoers would become familiar with the Bible, many would soon realize that tradition has been presented to them as though it were from the Word of God. If all churchgoers would read the Bible, there would be a mass exodus from most of the churches in the world.

Could infant baptism result in a massive departure from most churches? Could infant baptism be a tradition? Check through Scripture and see if the Bible says anything about it. If you do, you will become awakened, shocked and angered. You will soon be acknowledging that tradition will never save anyone - end of discussion.

Ponder II Timothy 4:3-4 Isaiah 29:13 Mark 7:6-9,13 Acts 5:29

P.S. If you find anything about infant baptism in God’s Word, please let us know about it.


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