Children pedestrians need safe streets


From: Jodi Bannon

I am shocked that the council is so worried about these signs and are willing to spend close to $3,000 each for new ones! How dare you refuse to think of the safety of your citizens, especially the children, who have to cross the intersection of Broadway and Liberty!!

By the way, just to let the council know, my own children have to cross that intersection to attend their schools. We are literally across the street but there are days when I take them because I don’t trust the drivers who still think it is okay to be on a cell phone while driving or drunk or distracted, etc. Yes, you gave us a “portable sign” to use (how much did that cost?) but since a permanent one did not stop the hit-and-run on Broadway/Washington, what makes you think a “portable” is better?!

Not a single one of you will be getting any of my votes come re-election and my last word to you is heaven help you, Winona City Council, if my 15-year-old or 12-year-old is “your” next victim hit at the intersection of Broadway/Liberty!


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