They must be crushed


From: Col Stan Gudmundson
USAF (Ret)
Peterson, Minn.

In recent letter I said that, “Unless Europeans stop bringing in Muslims and unless they insist that Muslims already in Europe assimilate, Europe’s fall will be inevitable. It will be violent and bloody.” I wrote this before the Paris attacks. And before the ridiculous Obama said “ISIS is contained.”

I could say, do you understand now a little of what I’m saying? I could also say that this is just the beginning of, “I told you so.” Or, “it’s going to get far messier.”

I also said that, “given the overwhelming numbers of so-called ‘intellectuals’ and bleeding-heart soft-in-the-head liberals who ‘blame America first and hate America more,’ I really worry.” The attacks in Paris however, have been a real eye-opener for everyone. We have awakened. Haven’t we?

But I can’t say that we’ve been awakened. Moreover, the idiots on the left, starting with Obama, may never get it.

The attacks in Paris were hardly over when the Salon website, for example, began to twist responsibility to conservatives. They said, “Real terror unfolds in Paris. Perhaps this will convince the right to [tone] down their incessant violent rhetoric.” Salon also told us to “stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves.” Right.

Al Gore was saying the most serious threat we face is global warming. In Paris. At the Eiffel tower. Almost at the same time the terrorists were attacking. Providing us some “needed perspective,” the Huffington Post adds, “Combatting climate change is the best way to fight ISIS.”

Unbelievably, the cry-baby activists at the University of Missouri equated the Paris attacks to the university’s policies and behavior itself. They were upset because Paris attacks pushed them to the back pages.

In a tongue-in-cheek article, writer Scott Vorse says “the policies of … Obama and … Clinton [prove]:”
1. “Strict gun laws clearly stop mass shootings”
2. “ISIS is a JV team”
3. “ISIS is contained”
4. “We have nothing to worry about by allowing 100,000 Syrian refugees into America”
5. “When Obama declares a war is over, the war is over, regardless of what the enemy thinks [or does]”
6. “Police are the problem”
7. “Islam itself has nothing to do with [terrorist] attacks.”

Noted scholar the late Samuel Huntington wrote a prescient book about the clash of civilizations. Though inevitable, this clash has been greatly exacerbated by liberal hatred of the west and their refusal to come to grips with reality. It is also very worrisome to know that the majority of U.S. citizens who are Muslim prefer Sharia over the constitution.

The notion that we are succumbing to xenophobia and prejudice is irrelevant and total poppycock. We are faced with our very survival. The survival of our religious freedoms, the survival of our ways of life, the survival of our society, the survival of western culture, and survival of our very nation.

Unless radical Islam undergoes a transformation that is tolerant and peaceful or until they are defeated, we will be at war. They must be crushed.


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