A baby is a baby


From: Kenneth Poss
Galesville, Wis.

At the time of conception is the beginning of a new life. A baby is not a fetus, or just a blob. Nine months later a bouncing baby boy or girl is arriving into a new environment. All of their body parts are completely formed by 23 weeks, and maybe sooner. We had in our family a pair of twins, born at that time of their lives. One weighed one pound, four ounces, the other weighed one pound, six ounces. They were completely formed. Their skin was translucent and you could see their veins under their skin. They were in the incubator for four months. In order to go home from the hospital they needed to weigh five pounds.

At the time of their delivery we were told that if they made it for 72 hours, they would survive. Many prayers were prayed in Jesus name for these twins. Nothing more could be done on our part, other than many prayers. Our son went to their cabin and during lunch he noticed a white dove on the roof of their cabin. That was odd because he didn’t have any bird feeders on his property. That night the dove was still on the house, and it was still there in the morning. It was there when he left for the hospital and our son was told the twins would make it. So he called his neighbor at the cabin from the hospital to let him know the good news that the 72 hours had passed and the twins were going to make it. His neighbor said, “I know!” My son said “Did my wife call you?” He said, “No! The white dove left at the end of the 72 hours. Kind of like in the dove in the series ‘Touched By An Angel.’”

The twins were 17 years this month. God had His hand on those precious babies and the Dove of Hope was His sign of His love for our son to see, and for others to know! Pray for the U.S. Congress to stop sending tax dollars to fund “Planned Parenthood.” Those dollars would be put to better use to care for their mother and their health needs, and thus to save those innocent babies and the lives of the mothers. If we do less that this, God have mercy on us.


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