Pedestrian safety — a close call, and a thanks


From: Chris Beirne

There has been a lot of conversations and letters written lately about pedestrian safety, but I feel the need to write one more.

On December 23, my mom was knocked down by a car in the crosswalk on Third and Center streets. The cars on Third Street stopped and motioned for her to cross. Mom was not texting or using her phone and she didn’t jump out into the street. She walks slowly with a cane. A car on Center Street made a left turn onto Third and bumped into my mom and knocked her down when she was halfway to the center line. The woman in the car drove past, then came back to see if mom as all right. The woman said she turned “because it was my turn to go.” Two women helped mom up and walked her to her car. Luckily she was bruised and not broken.

People! We need to watch more carefully. Even if it is our turn to go, we need to be alert to pedestrians. Mom was only slightly injured but some people are not so lucky. We don’t know who the person was who ran into mom, but I hope she has learned to be more careful.

On a lighter note, I would like to say thanks for the lighted tree on the steamboat replica and for displaying the old star on the tree in Windom Park. It brings back memories of old downtown at Christmas time.


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