Real IDs, are they really needed


From: David Girod

One issue in Minnesota that may come up for discussion in our legislature (special session?) is Real IDs. Up until this year, I’ve been able to fly unhindered by our government and its stupid rules. DHS wants everyone to use as IDs, an enhanced version of what you have now. Or a current passport. I have a valid Minnesota ID card good through 2018. I can’t see buying a new card for that reason. I have a passport which unfortunately expired in 2006, the mandatory 10 years after being issued. I had flown to Europe in 1996.

Both have my mug shots, etc. And the last time I checked, both the state of Minnesota and the Department of Motor Vehicles were legally recognized entities that issued and mailed me my ID card. No, I didn’t print it on a 3D printer! My card is a real (in my mind) ID card. What really is our government’s concern over my using my current ID card? Since the DHS initiated this conversation over a change to enhanced ID, maybe it should pay for them too.


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