Winona County’s dirty little secret: It’s the puppy mill capital of Minnesota


From: Kelvin Andow
Rochester, Minn.

I’ll suppose that most residents of Winona County don’t know, and I’ll also suppose that many residents of Winona County won’t care, but it’s been determined that Winona County is the puppy mill capital of Minnesota. Now if you stop and think for a minute, and consider what this means, you might agree with me that this is a shameful title to own.

Puppy mills are breeding facilities where dogs are “mass-produced” with little or no care for their health or well being. A puppy mill can have hundreds of dogs kept in cages their entire life, the females having one litter after another. The puppies are left, pretty much unattended, without vet care or socialization until they are shipped off to a broker that sells them to pet stores.

Winona County is the puppy mill capital of Minnesota. Nice, huh! This is not the result of JUST the people who run these puppy mills, it’s also a result of the Winona County Board members who granted permits to these farms. Permits were granted even though these mills have been operating for years without them and some have violation the Animal Welfare Act.

There’s a Facebook page: “Winona County, PUPPY MILL Capital of Minnesota.”


I’ll urge you to check it out. You’ll find facts about these puppy mills in Winona County, as well as what’s happening across the country to shut them down. Our society is becoming more intelligent and as a result our society is becoming less tolerant toward the mis-treatment of all living things. Through social media individuals are uniting to put an end to this inhumane treatment of companion animals. If you think that the problem is too big to get involved, that shutting down the puppy mills in one county will not make a difference, remember, the pyramids weren’t built in a day, but they were built one stone at a time!

Simple actions can help to make a difference! Do not buy animals from or shop at national chain pet stores! These are where puppies from mills end up. Vote officials that grant permits to these breeding facilities out of office! Spread the message, let others know what is happening and that it is wrong! After all, it was Mahatma Gandhi who said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” You can help Winona County rid itself of this shameful title, and our country. Get involved!


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