America - deserving of God’s blessings?


From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

There are so many brazen and heartless people in America that America presently reeks from the stench of their inhumane acts. These desensitized people would rabidly defend the saving of a puppy or a kitten, but would care less about saving those who lie defenseless in a mother's womb. They will fight tooth and nail for what they know in their heart is terribly wrong, but will not lift a finger in defense of a helpless, unborn little one. This act of barbarism is more than enough to make one feel like vomiting in disgust and wanting to grab such desensitized individuals by the shoulders and shaking some humaneness into them.

Aborting an unborn little one before Roe v. Wade was a cold-blooded act against humanity then and it is a cold-blooded act against humanity today, but sadly, such inhumanity is widely applauded in America today.

We need to take all the political correctness (Satan's tool) garbage within America and throw all of it to the swine. It should make everyone's blood boil to know that many unashamed Americans are of the wrong opinion because they will not tolerate or approve of anyone who is willing to defend those who are utterly defenseless. This being a fact, how can anyone say that America is not a depraved nation? This grisly fact is proof enough.

America has become a very wicked, unregenerative nation. During the past three decades there have been more than 45 million premeditated homicides of the littlest and most innocent ones in America.

Americans chastise, mock and scorn all those who stand for what is right and yet Americans expect God to bless America? America is not deserving of God's blessings.

Ponder Exodus 20:13 Revelation 21:8 and Galatians 5:19-21


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