Help elect Chuck Williams to Broadcasting Hall of Fame


From: Deb Nahrgang

Saint Mary’s University would like to thank the generous Winona community for its help with the university’s Groceries for Winona program. Because of your warm hearts and your abundant generosity, Saint Mary’s was able to give out more than 280 grocery cards this year to families using the Toys for Kids toy store. Together, we helped 55 seniors, as well. These neighbors were very appreciative. Many people expressed how thankful they were for the extra help, and a few shed tears of gratefulness. We can all share in the warmth of knowing that these families know someone cares about them this Christmas. As we count our blessings for the past and upcoming years, we should also remember those less fortunate whose material blessings are a little harder to come by this year. We hope and pray that 2017 will have many wonderful things in store for these families. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful community.



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