Chuck Williams is a Winona legend


From: Dick Smith 


Mary Williams Bambenek requested help in getting Chuck Williams elected into the 2017 Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Come on people — let’s give her that help! If anyone is deserving of this prestigious honor, it is Chuck. He was the voice of Winona sports for over 40 years and what a voice it was. Here is a little personal story for you. I first started listening to Chuck when I was a young teenager way back in the early ‘50s. At that time he was the voice of the Winona Chiefs, the city’s team in the Southern Minny league. As an aspiring player active in Park Rec baseball, naturally the Chiefs were my team. I was too young to attend the night games so I tuned into KWNO radio and listened to Chuck. I listened so much that my mother, who had no clue what baseball even was, and this was before TV, asked me about the game. I explained the fundamentals to her the best I could and turned her loose with Chuck’s play-by-play. She got so into the Chiefs and Chuck that she never missed a game. She would sit on the front porch, alone in the dark, on many a hot summers night and have the time of her life. She fell in love with baseball and Chuck! I offered to take her to a game sometime and she declined. She said she could “see” the whole game through Chuck’s voice. That’s how good this man was!  I will never forget that and we should not forget Chuck either. Please go to and tell them what a legend this man is. Thank you. 


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