Turn your headlights on


From: James Puz

Because of the season, for those operating motor vehicles, show a little courtesy by driving with your headlights on. 

Headlights are seen much sooner than your car or truck, especially with gloomy overcast days.

Light-colored vehicles blend right into snowy backgrounds but darker colors almost disappear into the wet, slushy backdrop of streets and highways. Unless you actually hear a car or truck coming your way (we live on County Road 17), you can almost step in front of a speeding vehicle! Making turns or lane changes can be very problematic and hazardous if not all of the traffic is readily visible.

Some people say don’t turn their headlights on earlier (or at all before nightfall) because they’re able to see perfectly well what’s ahead of them. However, that’s not the issue for pedestrians and other drivers; being SEEN is of critical importance when vehicles can be little more looming shapes suddenly approaching you as if they came out of nowhere. This is particularly true when daylight is scarce during the winter months.

So, be courtesy to those who are on or off the road and turn your headlights on right away; those beams can be seen a long way off, long before your vehicle comes into view. It doesn’t cost anything and it might save you and others a lot of grief in the future!


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