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Danyka’s 2nd Christmas 2016


by Dianne Berndt-Connors


It is your second Christmas now,

and how tall and big you have grown.

This past year have had many firsts,

and how quickly the time has flown.


What a wonder it must have been,

to see the green yard turn all white.

To see your legs disappear in the snow,

you thought was a delightful sight.  


You looked up at the grey sky,

as more of the snow began to fall.

You put out your tiny hand to catch

each snowflake one and then all.


You are now big enough to make, 

little angels in the snow.

They will fly away to heaven,

when the North wind doth blow.


The strange white stuff in your hands,

how could it be so very cold?

Without your little mittens on,

it is quite freezing to hold.


Your brother rolls a ball in the snow,

to help make your first snowman.

Ryan said “We now have two,

we must do this once again.”


You scoop up the snow into a ball,

but decide to eat it instead.

All the neighbors look at you,

and wonder, haven’t you been fed?


Then you roll it around on the ground,

until you have a big ball.

The smaller one goes on the top,

and be careful they don’t fall.


Ryan will find sticks for the arms, 

and a orange carrot for the nose.

You put your scarf around its neck,

to keep him warm when the wind blows.


You have watched Daddy decorate,

the outside trees with lights.

And you have looked surprised, each time

they are turned on, for many nights.


The homes and the yards in Sartell,

and Christmas trees light up at twilight.

The neighborhoods are so bright,

Daddy hopes that they do not ignite.


The tree inside is all decorated,

by Ryan and Mommy with great care.

You like to take the decorations off,

until the Christmas tree is bare.


Christmas presents are beautifully wrapped,

and neatly placed under the tree.

Every time you try to get and open one,

you are told to let the gifts be.


All of the presents are so pretty, 

but you are told not to touch.

The ribbons and bows are irresistible,

you want to pull them off so much.


Mommy is very busy in the kitchen, 

smells like cookies in the oven on bake.

You are very disappointed to find, 

that it is just another fruitcake.


Your favorite are the sugar cookies,

that, of course, you want to help make.

With most of the icing in your hair,

a bath you must indeed take.


All the choirs sing “White Christmas,”

and Bing Crosby crooning is on TV.

Black and white old Christmas movies,

is now ones only chance to see.


The carolers are singing about Rudolph,

the reindeer whose nose does glow.

You try to sing along, but “Happy Birthday,”

is one of the only songs you know.


The elves make toys for girls and boys,

and Santa then leaves the North Pole.

It is told, if you are not nice,

you will only get a lump of coal.


Mommy tells you to behave because Santa,

will only bring gifts to good girls.

But how could he not — to one so precious,

with the cutest little blond curls.


On Christmas Eve, around the world,

Santa and his reindeer will fly.

With so much space in a mini-van,

to take a sled, you wonder why.


You are told that Santa will soon be here,

and you are excited with delight.

When you point to the sky in hope of a sled,

you are told it’s a satellite.


You fall asleep when Grandma Jeanne reads,

about visions of plums in your head.

You dream about Santa and elves,

and Rudolf and the reindeer he’s led.


There is Frosty the snowman and he’s very happy,

for the warm scarf that you lent.

And Grandpa Bill is smiling and wearing,

the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” you sent.


The Nutcracker Prince is dancing and prancing,

and resembles Uncle Roger the most.

Aunt Gayle looks like a sugar plum fairy,

but fades in and out like a Christmas ghost.


Auntie Dee Dee has arrived from the coast,

by way of the Polar Express Train.

She came from Whoville, said Grinch is to blame,

and then took you over to Candy Cane Lane.


Christmas Eve is all quiet and still,

but there’s someone stirring in the house.

There is a loud thump by the fireplace,

and it certainly isn’t a mouse.


You get out of bed and creep down the stairs,

and the rustling sounds are very near.

There is a big man in a bright red suit,

and kissing Mommy — Santa Claus is here!


“Wake up, Danyka, wake up.

It it Christmas morning, it does seem.”

You open your eyes and look around,

“Oh, Mother, I had such a nice dream.”


“Well, come downstairs, we do have guests,

and you must see everyone who is here.

There are your cousins, aunts and uncles,

and it is nice to have those you love near.”


There is Uncle Greg and Aunt Vicki,

and all of their children, a total of five.

With everyone talking and singing,

the house now seems like a beehive alive. 


Uncle Roger and Aunt Gayle are dancing,

to the tune of the “Nutcracker Suite.”

“Come here Danyka, there is someone,

we are sure you are anxious to meet.”


Your great-grandmother, Olga, wants to see you,

who just turned 98. 

Grandmother Jeanne and Grandpa Bill drove,

and arrived last night quite late.


Auntie Dee Dee flew in from the south,

and brings the scent of a Florida orange.

Her jewelry sparkles like Minnesota icicles, 

and her ruby high heels are four inch.


With everyone gathered around the tree,

and singing Christmas carols off tune.

This will be a Holiday time, with those you love,

that you will not forget soon.


Merry Christmas from Auntie Dee Dee



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