God created all in His image —including those he created gay


From: John Rupkey

In response to my letter, Susan Loken claims that gay people aren’t created gay by God.

I can understand why Susan wants to believe this, because if God does create some people gay, then conservative religious people would have to move beyond their erroneous theology which would be unable to claim that God considers the gay love He created disordered.

Even more difficult, they would have to move beyond their belief that all the moral doctrine indoctrinated into them is always true because of an “infallible” pope, and “inerrant” understanding of the Bible, or some God-connected holy person.

In making her point, Susan quotes one of the two stories in Genesis about the creation of human beings. The other story is found in the first chapter in verses 26-28.

In that story we are told that God creates everyone in His one image. So rejecting some people because of the way God created them is rejecting a part of God’s own image, which is rejecting the part of God —Who is love — that they don’t like, and worshiping instead a strange mockery of God.

I thank Susan for pointing out that nowhere in the Bible is it stated that God creates gay people. This is consistent with my main contention that nowhere in the Bible is anything written about gay people, because Biblical writers didn’t know that gay people existed. Like many religiously conservative people today, they believe everyone is created heterosexual, and those who engage in sex with members of their own gender were believed to be heterosexual acting unnaturally.

Committed religiously conservative people tend to believe that they can never be wrong on moral issues. So they simply turn a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence that gay people are born gay, which means they are created gay by God.

However, as the understanding of humans evolves, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for them to turn a blind eye to the fact that God considers their behavior extremely immoral when they continue to program self-hate into the beautiful people He lovingly created gay.


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